Data Processing

Custom Workflows

GeoDrone prides itself on its refined workflows developed over many years to extract the best possible results.

Our expertise remains primarily with photogrammetry and LiDAR data processing, with industry recognised accreditations with leading software providers like Pix4D. However we also offer other data processing services including camera calibration, coordinate transformations and GIS services.

Data Processing

Our GIS team is able to process raw data into a variety of GIS and CAD ready products, ranging from orthophotos, digital surface models and point clouds.

Using numerous industry leading software packages, we are able to provide all industry standard formats for digital geospatial products, whether that be a simple point cloud or a complex Geopackage file.


GeoDrone go beyond exporting standard datasets from LiDAR and photogrammetry software packages. Often clients require a specific piece of information, whether that be visualisations of new buildings, volume calculations or temporal change detection.